Yoland Smith on Ethical Issues Related to Research Collaborations: How to Prevent and Address Them: October 23 @ 2:00-3:30pm, Claudia Nance Rollins room 4001

This session will start with a brief (around 20-30 minutes) presentation that will highlight the key ethical issues that are commonly associated with research collaborations, and their impact towards the development of successful or unsuccessful collaborations. Part of this presentation will be specifically devoted to the role of graduate students in research collaborations, and the ethical issues they may face as they get involved in collaborative work. This presentation will then be followed by small group discussion (about 50 minutes) of case studies related to specific ethical issues associated with research collaborations. Finally, the instructor will conclude the session with a few slides that will highlight the take home message he wants students to pay attention to regarding ethics in research collaborations.

Target audience: Natural/Biological/Biomedical Science Students

Objective 1: Provide students the opportunity to openly discuss possible ethical issues related to research collaborations.
Objective 2: Provide students some guidance into the processes that should be followed to prevent or address ethical issues they may face through research collaborations.

Format: Brief oral presentation by instructor (30 minutes) — Small group discussion of case studies (45-50 minutes) — Concluding remarks/take home message (10 minutes).

Click here for a .pdf of the powerpoint presentation 

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