NIH Changes Process to Complete Relinquishments

NIH has changed the process to complete relinquishments. In the past, the PHS3734 form was completed noting an estimated amount of direct and indirect cost being relinquished. Upon obtaining all required signatures, the completed form was emailed or mailed to the noted sponsor contact. The process has changed.

All forms are now populated and completed in NIH Commons for acknowledgement and processing by NIH. The forms do not require emailing or mailing any longer. Upon completion of the forms, FGC will need the items below to successfully upload completed forms into NIH Commons.

  1. Name of relinquishing Institution
  2. Exact date of relinquishment
  3. Sponsored contact at relinquishing Institution

NOTE: Due to the change in the process, estimate totals are more definitive as they rarely change once accepted by NIH.

Upon completion, the assigned FGC analyst will returned a confirmation of the relinquishment.  This copy will be saved on the I drive and sent onto the RAS contact for record keeping and as a FYI.



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