We will learn from and appreciate the music, art, poetry, or dance from the following artists.

Dr. Antonio Alonso is Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture and Director of Catholic Studies at Candler School of Theology. His book Commodified Communion: Eucharist, Consumer Culture, and the Practice of Everyday Life won the 2021 Hispanic Theological Initiative Book Prize. He is a Latin Grammy-nominated composer of sacred music and the author of over 200 published compositions.

Cody Anderson lives in Castle Rock, Colorado and is a Masters of Divinity student at Iliff School of Theology and is a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church. Cody believes in spirituality that is found outside of the church walls and deep inside every person, and works to foster moments of growth and connection in faith through creative experiences, such as writing spiritual poetry and experiencing The Divine through hikes in the Colorado mountains.  

Gloria Fanchiang is a second-generation Taiwanese American songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about helping Asian American communities develop contextualized worship music and liturgy. She was named a Lovelace scholar by the Hymn Society of the US and Canada in 2019. She has a worship album called “Remain in Your Love.” Her original worship music can be found in Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube.

Dr. Septemmy Lakawa is the President of Jakarta Theological Seminary in Indonesia. She received her PhD from Boston University School of Theology. Her research interests are on interreligious dialogue and trauma, theology, and interreligious aesthetics in the aftermath of religious communal violence. She has worked with several local congregations and her seminary to develop poetic and meditative dance as a form of doing Christian theological aesthetics in a multireligious context.

Julian Davis Reid is an artist-theologian who plays, speaks, and writes at the intersection of music, faith, and story. He is a founding member of the jazz-fusion group The JuJu Exchange and hosts a musical-textual retreat called Notes of Rest. He studied theology and the arts at Candler School of Theology, and philosophy and music theory at Yale College. He has spoken, performed, and led retreats in churches, seminaries, and schools.  

August Tsopoe Venuh, from Nagaland, Northeast India, is a theologian currently pursuing PhD at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, and an artist who works with the intentional creativity process.¬†August is particularly interested in redeeming and bringing to life women characters in the Bible that have often been negatively portrayed or silenced by Christian tradition. August’s art also represents the story, culture, and people from Nagaland.

Byron Wratee is a doctoral candidate in systematic theology at Boston College. When he was a student at Candler School of Theology, he regularly sang at Cannon Chapel. He worked as a political activist and attorney before his theological studies. A lifetime gospel music singer and a classically tutored tenor, Byron has sung in multiple chamber choirs, directed choirs, and arranged liturgical music.