The Constant in Life Is Change

By Deidre Williams

The last two years have given us a world full of change. 

We have–

Lived in a pandemic

Learned to adjust to work adjustments

Discovered new ways of worship and learn through technology

Spent a great deal of time with ourselves and family members

Determined what is important to us.

Shopping for food and other items has been elevated and escalated online and through curbside pickup. Inflation has been reaching new highs.  Food and gas have been topics of discussion for some. This leaves many to wonder when they find relief.    

I find comfort in Hebrews: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (13:8). It’s used as a go to for me when I need to refocus. The issues of the world will change and change again. Knowing that Jesus is our guide makes the road of life less challenging. As a teen, I used to imagine life as an adult and the ability to make my own decisions. I wanted to live where I wanted to live and do all the things I wanted to do. Now as an adult, I do have the ability to make many of the things that I have imagined then happen. My perspective has changed on some of those things due to time and living life. My perspectives have evolved from what I imagined years ago.

That one constant is change. Change can make simple things hard, and hard things simple.    

Eric Law spoke to “internal transformation” in Sacred Acts, Holy Change. I can appreciate that transformation. With growth, knowledge, education and wisdom through time, perspectives change. Spiritually, there is growth and sometimes a change in perspective there as well. As an example, I always thought that I would be a part of the Baptist church of my youth. My view has changed in how I relate and interact with my God. My understanding about God and who I am to others has grown in huge proportions. It has yes, I’ll say this again–CHANGED my perspectives.

Law discussed transforming internal and external change in churches and congregations. Being able to adjust the some of the long-standing processes and behaviors are not always easy but very necessary if change is to occur. This type of change is not always comfortable. Of course, it’s easier when dealing with self. A group or a congregation is a whole different scenario to navigate. Leadership begins with the top. Knowing the issues at hand and having solutions to resolve them helps to navigate change. There are never guarantees in church groups and congregations that there won’t be issues because of the change, including loss of members. But being able to focus through the changes takes vision and direction.

In the constant change that is around us all, it is important to remain positive. This can sometimes be hard when there are challenges and discord. But there is power in remembering the constant God in our life is outweighs any issues. I’m thankful in my journey that God has been a part of each step. I think of the times when someone needed help or an ear. I remembered the life of Jesus and was able to include his name in those conversations. I was able to add the one true value in ever-changing times that has always been able to make an impact–Jesus.

Our time here is very short on this earth. I am appreciating the ability to change. The power to grow through change. The ability to be wiser with change.   

When purpose aligns with our one and true living God, I am thankful for every twist and turn. These life changes will continue to come and in ministry. We are the vessel that should lead the charge in the outpouring of righteousness. Whatever the trouble is that is taking place in the world, being able to work through change is something that is built into the fabric of ministry and our lives.

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