Sample post: How many Ph.D.’s does it take to make Chocolate?

This an example of the type of post you will write.  This is adapted from a post written by Pamela Nicole Romero and published on June 26, 2017.

If you ever want to see students and professors alike act like children, take them to a chocolate factory. When we went to the Chocolate Museum last week, we got a demo on how to prepare milk chocolate. We had to pour the chocolate onto the table and move it around with two spatulas. The Chocolate Museum speaker’s quick moves reminded me of an artist painting fast yet ever precise brushstrokes.

I knew that moving chocolate around was harder than it seemed, so I was not surprised when some of my classmates struggled to move the chocolate around fast enough. The presenter’s directions caught my eye as he said, “scrape the smaller spatula on the bigger one.” So what separated his movements from the rest of ours? I hypothesized it had something to do with not only his years of experience, but also at how he looked at the task itself. He differentiated his hand movements on the basis of the size of the tool each hand held…. Continue reading “Sample post: How many Ph.D.’s does it take to make Chocolate?”