Glengarry Glen Ross Response- Laura Glucksman

I did not enjoy Glengarry Glen Ross because it was extremely hard for me to relate to these characters. The plot was boring and not much action happened in the movie. This movie is an eye-opener to what happens in the office on a daily basis. These salesmen need to make a living for their families but they are unable to do so because the company is too scared to give some of them the “premium leads.” The company does not want to waste the good leads on bad salesmen. They do not trust the ability of some of their employees. Trust in a company’s employees is a very important part of a company’s success. The men were hard-working men and would do anything for a sale. This shows that the company was too hard on their employees. These guys were good at what they did, but their company made them compete with each other. This made the office extremely unpleasant and made the men do unlawful actions. I don’t think Shelley Levene would ever have stolen from the office if the company had not made his life difficult. The central theme in this movie is trust and what happens when trust is broken.

The man who came in and gave them the news that they were going to have to sell more or they were going to be fired shows the distinction between the social classes, and how the rich display their wealth in front of the working class. The man did not need to compare cars or show off his watch in their faces. This is not a way to motivate men to work harder.

These men just want to provide for their family.  Shelley Levene has a daughter, and John Williamson wants to get home to his family. This adds a personal aspect to the play. This also demonstrates the uncaring attitude the company had towards these men. They were not sympathetic towards their personal needs.

The majority of the movie is set at night in the rain. This shows the atmosphere the characters are feeling when they do not have any good leads and are put under pressure to compete for their jobs. Also, the restaurant is having horrible business. This might show it is not the guys’ faults that they are not making any new progress in getting investors. The problem is that people are not spending any extra money at this time.

Glengarry Glen Ross shows what people will do when they are under pressure to make money for their families. Also, this company did not treat the men right.

22. June 2016 by Laura Rose Glucksman
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