Glengarry Glen Ross – Jack Williams

What a cast! I absolutely LOVED this film, and plan on it being one of the movies that I watch over twenty times. As having just gone through the real estate process myself, it was quite scary to watch this film. You never know who you can trust, and always have to stay aware of ulterior motives. Also, heading into corporate America myself, this is a great warning sign of what to look out for and how not to cope with certain issues or demands from inside of the office. However, I was able to relate to their predicament and enjoyed the character development throughout the film. Though, I would not have reacted the same way as they had…

I could imagine that the live play version of this film would be drastically different from the movie. In my mind, the camera angles, vastly different lighting schemes from scene to scene, and editing cuts allow the film version of Glengarry Glen Ross a much more dramatic experience than a live performance would. One thing is for sure – the film almost mirrors the script from Mamet’s 1984 play, which usually does not happen. Either way, I will not truly know until it (hopefully) returns to Broadway!

The foul language that is natural to this movie doesn’t fit into today’s world, and I could imagine it offending large numbers of people. At the same time, however, it was a great reflection of social interactions between colleagues who are fighting for leads and sales, and how people react differently to their bosses’ demands. 10/10.

29. June 2016 by John Williams
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