Adolescent Brain – Blog assignment

Blog writing is designed to be well-written and thoughtful. You are encouraged to bring your interests and personality to this assignment. The audience for your posts are your peers so consider the appropriate language, references, etc. when writing your post. Images with text make blogs much more interesting so please consider augmenting your post with pictures or videos (give appropriate credit though).

Please remember this assignment is meant to provide discourse among students with different backgrounds and experiences. You may or may not agree with your colleagues and you can comment to that effect but you may not use language that is offensive or demeaning.

Each student will ultimately contribute to the weekly class blog. There are a number of ways to approach this assignment:

  • What type of article are you reading (opinion, comment on scholarly article, first person narrative, etc.)?
  • How does the reading fit into current or historical context?
  • Do you have an emotional reaction to the article, either positive or negative?
  • Were you surprised by something you read?
  • When reading the article, did you have questions as you read and can you attempt to answer your question?