Isabella Comments on Nicholas’ Post

Nicholas did an excellent job demonstrating how he personally relates to the topics discussed in the article “The Big Myth About Teenage Anxiety”. His comment on his addiction towards video games and how his mother went along with the rumor discussed in the article allows the reader of his post to see how teenagers can easily relate to this modern-day myth. Nicholas’ writing is very straight forward and concise, and it is evident that he understands the concepts being presented in the article because he manages to re-phrase the article in his own words. The blog post also shows how he did his own research about the author as he comments on his work at Cornell Medical College and uses that information to conclude that the article is reliable as the author is a valid source of information. The thesis of his blog post was directly targeted to the article and supported by the evidence provided. Overall, Nicholas did a very good job and really captured the attention of his audience by including such a relevant anecdote to open his discussion up about the main points of the article.