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This course examines the forces, actors, and sentiments behind violent episodes in twentieth-century African history. Opening with a discussion of issues surrounding the study of conflict in Africa, the course then moves chronologically focusing on violence. We will analyze the colonial and post-colonial periods through a series of case studies from across the continent. Each week, students will consider causes of conflict, the social factors at work within it, and the personal and communal impacts of experiencing and witnessing various forms of violence. We will tackle questions of responsibility in relation to ideas of justice and the problem of ‘living together’ again post-conflict.

This site is the ongoing and final product of the course. Throughout the semester, students will complete 3-5 page research projects on topics related to the course. These projects will then be uploaded onto the site. By semester’s end, students will have created a useful, encyclopedic site with which to learn from and study about violence in twentieth-century African history.