Remote access to Libraries’ print book collection through HathiTrust

The Emory Libraries’ membership in HathiTrust, an international digital repository is enabling online access to our print collections. Under their Emergency Temporary Access Service, HathiTrust will allow unprecedented access to digital content preserved by the shared repository.

In addition to Emory Libraries’ robust electronic collections, our partnership with HathiTrust will now enable faculty, staff, and students to electronic access over 1 million books for which Emory Libraries owns only a print version. Thereby offering a temporary solution for items in copyright currently in our Stacks. ​

Here’s how it works:

Emory University user logs in to HathiTrust.

Users will be able to read the book online, in the web browser, but will not be able to download the work in full.

Users will “check out” a copy for a limited period of time and can renew the checkout or return the book.

For public domain books, typically 1924 and earlier, the user must also log in and can then download the entire book because the book is no longer protected by copyright. 

  • Step by Step Instructions:
  • ​​On top right of page, LOGIN by selecting “Emory University” from drop-down men
  • Authenticate with Emory username and password
  • Search for a book by title and author
  • Look for and select a link (may say “temporary access”) beneath the item description
  • Select “Check out” on yellow bar on upper right side of page

HathiTrust is just one more option for Emory University users to access online content while our libraries are closed to users.  The Collection Resources for Remote Teaching and Research Guide outlines this and other options for locating and providing materials to support distance learning and will be update to reflect any subsequent additions or changes.  Questions or assistance request using these tools, or identifying other electronically available materials can be directed to Ask-A-Librarian.