History of Teaching Medicine at Emory Virtual Walkthrough, Case 5 – Anlage: The Voice of the Medical Student

Hello and welcome to a Virtual Walkthrough of the physical exhibit “History of Teaching Medicine at Emory University” located at the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library. Due to Covid-19  we’re doing a virtual walk-through of our current exhibit. We’ll be looking at the exhibit case by case, finishing with Case 5 today.

Origins of Teaching Medicine at Emory, Anlage: The Voice of the Medical Student

Front View of the Case showing the Emory Medical Community Newspaper, Anlage.


From 1968 to 1992, The Anlage served as the voice of students at the Emory School of Medicine. Housed in the WHSC LibraryHistorical Collections, the newspapers depict major changes seen in the medical school through a student’s perspective. Entries include commentary detailing the struggle for social justice, student activism during the Vietnam War, construction and renovations across campus, the rise of tuition, and major changes to the curriculum.


Looking Closer: Select Items from Case 5


“Medical Students Take Part in Nationwide Moratorium,” Emory medical students along with faculty participate in a national-coordinated effort to focus the nation’s attention on the Vietnam War, November 1969.


“Students to Vote on Black Rep. to Student Advisory Council,” petition made by the Emory ad hoc Committee for Blacks in Medicine to have the Student Advisory Council include a representative of the black community, February 1970.


“Smoke Gets in Your Lives,” by Brigitte B. Nahmias, January 1973.


“The Med School Game,” February 1974.


“Med Students Asked to Dig Deeper,” March 1978.


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Collections with materials in this exhibit:

Master of Community Health records, 1973-2015