BioBase Training event, Thursday March 13th

BioBase Trainers will be at Emory Thursday, March 13.   All training sessions will be in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library Computer Classroom.  The schedule for the training sessions are below.  Lunch will be served from 11-12pm for participants in the 9-11 and 12-2 sessions .  Register at:



9:00-11:00 AM BKL (Proteome/TRANSFAC)

Interested in finding out what’s known in the scientific literature about a particular gene, disease or drug? Want to apply that information to high-throughput data analysis? Interested in finding out about transcription factors and microRNAs related to your research? Learn to search the BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL) by topic or multi-gene data sets.

12:00-2:00 PM Explain

Interested in microarray, ChIP-chip or ChIP-seq analysis? Biobase’s ExPlain™ is a unique upstream data analysis system that combines promoter and pathway analysis tools and enables you to identify transcription factors affecting gene expression in your microarray and RNA-Seq experiments, as well as predict how they, in combination, can induce observed gene expression patterns. Come learn how to take your analysis further and gain insight into the key upstream signaling regulators influencing the activity of these transcription factors.

2:15-3:15 PM HGMD + Genome Trax

Got mutations? HGMD® Professional is a unique resource providing comprehensive data on human inherited disease mutations. Its compilation of structured, manually curated data from the peer-reviewed literature enables quick access to both single mutation queries and advanced search applications.  HGMD® is widely used in human genetics research, diagnostics, and personal genomics applications. Genome Trax™ is a data analysis tool which works with HGMD®  and other data sources to enable scientists to identify human genome variations of functional significance by mapping their NGS data to known elements such as disease mutations and regulatory sites.