Welcome Emory School of Medicine Class of 2018

The SOM Class of 2018 began their orientation July 21st and will begin their first full day of classes this coming Monday, August 4th.  This incoming class includes:

  • 144 students
  • 75 women; 69 men
  • Age Range 21-28; mean 23 years
  • 64% of students include “non-traditional” students who did not matriculate into medical school immediately after graduating from their undergraduate programs
  • 7 students enter Emory Medical School with post-graduate degrees
  • 20% include students with non-science majors
  • 7 enter the SOM with post-graduate degrees
  • 45 students are from Georgia; other students are from 29 other states; 22 students were born outside of the US
  • 22 Emory College alumni, and graduates from 60 different undergraduate institutions

The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library welcomes the Emory School of Medicine Class of 2018.