New Services for Nursing Groups

The library offers two new services for nurses at Emory Healthcare and faculty and students at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing to access published evidence of best practices.

The Nursing Community portal on the Health Sciences Center Library’s website expedites access to online resources, such as evidence-based textbooks, journal databases, and point-of-care resources.  The Nursing Community is available directly by linking to

The Clinical Informationists at Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown collaborated with Sharlene Toney, Executive Director of Professional Nursing Practice, to start a central repository for questions and information from the best published evidence.  The “Evidence Matters’ repository focuses on information relevant to the Emory Healthcare Nursing Quality Initiatives:  Falls, Pressure Ulcers, Patient Satisfaction, Catheter-Associated UTI, Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection, Restraints, and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia.  As questions arise during Quality Initiative team’s meetings, team members have an option to submit inquiries to the clinical informationists.  The informationists then research and post a brief summary of the most recent available best published evidence with links to the studies.  The repository can be accessed from the Nursing Community at the Health Sciences Center Library website and directly at


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