Selecting Journals for Publications: Increasing Visibility and Impact

Selecting a journal for publication is a crucial step in writing an article.  It is important to consider to what journal to submit your future article before starting the writing process.  It helps to focus the future content, and format it in this journal’s preferred way from the start.

The main goal for selecting a journal is to ensure the best visibility and exposure for said publication.  Who is reading the journal, how fast it gets to the readers, how the readers discover this journal’s content – all these questions to name a few must be answered before zeroing on the few finalists.

The Library offers tools to make the journal selection process easier.  The most important ones are Journal Citation Reports and Web of Science.  They can be found on the Databases list from the Library’s website.  The easiest way to get  to these tools is to simply type it into the Site Search box.

Ultimately, consider scheduling an individual consult session with a librarian or asking for a customized seminar for a group.  To make a request, use the Ask A Librarian form from the library website.