Overdrive app is changing to Libby

For Emory and Oxford students, faculty, and staff:

The Overdrive app will be closed down in April 2023, but you will not lose access to Overdrive e-books and audiobooks. Download Overdrive’s new and improved app, Libby.

The Libby app provides many new features for users including making it easy to read across devices from your phone to your tablet. In the Libby app, you can change the font size, pick your background lighting (light, dark, or sepia), and download e-books and audiobooks for offline access.

For more information check out the Overdrive FAQ on switching to Libby.

Make sure when logging into Libby that you use the same account information (Emory NetID and password) so that your current Overdrive holds and loans appear in the Libby app. More than one library card can be added to Libby. So, if you already have your public library card on Libby you can add your Emory library card!

If you have never accessed the Emory Libraries Overdrive collection this is a great time to download the app! Our ever-growing collection includes almost 3,000 titles. This includes the latest popular reads, a large business collection, and a growing young adult collection.

So, if you are looking for a good book, download Libby today!


—Alexandrea Kord, Teaching and Learning Librarian, Oxford College


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