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Woodruff Library’s 50th Anniversary!

Woodruff library is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Wednesday, October 30! From 1-3 pm on Level 2 of the library, you can join in the celebrations by grabbing a cupcake (including a vegan option),  trying out special King of Pops... transitioning to LinkedIn Learning Platform

This summer, our Lynda instance will transition to the LinkedIn Learning platform. LinkedIn has owned Lynda since 2015 and this transition will retire the Lynda brand, relaunching as LinkedIn Learning. The change should be seamless and will provide added benefits...

Court Levies Hefty Fine Against Publisher

In recent open access publishing news, a federal judge ordered “predatory” publisher OMICS and conference organizers iMedPub (both owned by Srinubabu Gedela) to pay fines totaling $50.1 million in a summary judgement that concludes a lawsuit brought by the U.S....