In the Classroom: Digital & Social Media Strategy

As someone who strives to have a future in digital advertising, Professor Schweidel’s class has been a great way to better understand how digital and social media strategy is impacting today’s world. We not only learn about the tactics companies are using, but we also learn the best ways to analyze data and results of marketing campaigns. The class is a perfect example of how Goizueta strives to provide students with the best opportunities to succeed in the professional world. Professor Schweidel instills in us his knowledge and passion for digital marketing and in each class we are challenged to think outside the box and understand why different campaigns or site designs produce different results.

Professor Schweidel teaches us to look at digital and social media strategies from a data standpoint and gives me the analytical experience I need to prepare for my career. This learning and training allows me to speak intelligently about various aspects of digital marketing from search engine optimization (SEO) to what would be the best user experience for a website. Digital and social media marketing are becoming more influential to our daily lives, and understanding how these strategies provide bottom line value to companies is what makes us competitive in the job market. Having had the opportunity to explore real business issues in tandem with analytics and creative thinking is what makes me confident that I will succeed in my career. I hope to see more classes added in the future such as Advanced Digital Analytics and that Goizueta would consider establishing a social media command center to provide hands-on experience for students. Alyssa Kleinman,BBA 2014

The field of marketing is undergoing revolutionary changes due to new interactive technologies and the emergence of new data sources and analysis techniques that allow marketers to better understand marketing phenomena and improve marketing decision-making. Digital & Social Media Strategy is an example of Emory’s curriculum being at the forefront of business education. Douglas Bowman, Professor of Marketing; Area Coordinator for Marketing, Co-director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center

In Digital and Social Media Strategy, students develop data-driven strategies to real-world scenarios that organizations face as they shift resources toward digital marketing. As marketers continue to be pressed for accountability in their actions, the ability to systematically approach unstructured problems will position our students well to support and lead organizations’ marketing efforts. David A. Schweidel, Associate Professor of Marketing,Co-director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center

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