Navigating the Pacific: 20th century Afro-Asian Relations explored the study of Afro-Asian relations provided a window into the political and cultural identity formations of individuals and movements that were central forces of radical thinking and social revolutionary transformation throughout the twentieth century.

Afro-Asian relations, with an emphasis on Black Internationalism, was the focus of the course as it enabled students to understand the multiple modes and functions as well as complexities and nuances of these transnational relations. The course discussed and analyzed both sides of said transnational networks to assess global concerns as well as how the intersections of identity, such as class, gender, and race, impacted peoples of the African and Asian diasporas throughout the 20th century in their struggle to construct modes of freedom and resistance against the backdrop of Euro-American imperialism and colonization.

The outgrowth of that course is this digital humanities space which highlights the research projects of the students with each presenting a different perspective and lens to view Afro-Asian studies. Enjoy!

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