How to Download Respondus Lockdown Browser

Before the exam

  • Prepare your computer before the exam:
    • Reminder: Respondus Lockdown Browser does not work on Chromebooks
    • Most Respondus problems are due to one of the following:
      • Firewall conflicts > turn off the firewall
      • Anti-Virus software conflicts > turn off the anti-virus program
      • Loss of internet connectivity > make sure you have a stable wifi connection
    • Other potential issues
      • Give the browser a few seconds to fully load the exam before clicking ‘Take the Quiz’. Clicking too soon
        has been reported as a potential cause of issues
      • Browse to the quiz from the Assignments page, or the Modules page.

Starting the exam

  • Prep:
    • Fully charge your laptop’s battery – plug into a power outlet if possible
    • Connect to EmoryUnplugged (using your NetID and password credentials), using EmoryGuest will create
      connection issues.
  • Step 1: Close all other programs
  • Step 2: Click on LockDown Browser Application
    • Mac users: Open the “Lockdown Browser” application. This can be found in your launchpad or
      applications folder in Finder.
    • Windows users: Locate the “LockDown Browser” shortcut from the desktop and double-click it. You can
      also find the application by searching in the “Start Menu” in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Step 3: Within Lockdown, login to Canvas, navigate to your class and the exam you will be taking.
  • Step 4: Maximize your browser window – Some computers will reload a page if you resize the browser so it is best
    to begin with the window maximized.
lockdown browser

During the Exam

  • Your answers will be automatically saved as you are working.
  • Be careful when using a mouse with a scroll wheel – Questions that have drop down menus can be accidentally changed with the scroll wheel if you’re not careful.
  • Timed Tests – If your test is timed, pay attention to the count down timer.
  • Avoid using the Back, Forward or Refresh buttons – Using these buttons reloads the page and could inadvertently lock you out of a single-attempt test. Give pages time to load.
  • Do not navigate to any other pages – This could cause an incomplete test to be submitted.
  • If you have any issues, contact your instructor immediately. Be concise and honest about what is happening, and they will let you know how to move forward.

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