Called by Name: Using NameCoach in the Classroom


Why should you use NameCoach? Because, names matter. They mean something. They hold our identity and are how we are addressed by the world – or at least we strive to think so.

Here, at Candler School of Theology, we believe in the importance and beauty of our names. This is why we have integrated the tool NameCoach into our learning management system, Canvas.

NameCoach is a tool embedded into Canvas that provides an opportunity for students and faculty to easily record the pronunciation of their name. This recording will be associated with your Canvas account as long as you are enrolled at Emory!

Keep reading to see how to set up your NameCoach recording.

Steps for NameCoach

Record the Pronunciation of Your Name with NameCoach. When using NameCoach in Canvas, navigate to and log in. 

Step 1


Click the “Account” link in the far left navigation bar.

Step 2


Click the “NameCoach” link.

Step 3

Within the window, click on “Record Name.”

Step 4

Select “Phone” or “Web Recorder” to record your name. You may re-record your name for any reason and at any time.

Phone Recording
  1. Enter your phone number in the box provided, then click “Submit and Finish.” 
  1. It will call your phone and will prompt you with instructions. You will be able to listen to your recording and re-record if you wish. 
  1. After you complete the call, go back to the page in Canvas and click “Submit and Finish” to save your recording. 

Web Recording

  1. Click the “Record” button and wait for the prompt before speaking. 
  1. You can stop the recording, then click “Submit and Finish.” 
  1. After you submit, you are able to hear your recording and re-record if you would like. 


Our names are important to us. They are central to all that is unique about us, and saying them correctly – especially in a learning environment – is the first step in embracing diversity, ensuring inclusivity, and promoting mutual respect.

NameCoach provides a simple solution to feeling welcomed and embraced in the classroom starting on Day 1!


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