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Instructure will release updates to our Canvas environment Saturday, November 17, 2018. Notable changes include:

  • Students and teachers can directly upload an image file to embed in the Rich Content Editor, saving several steps (students upload images to their My Files storage, teachers choose their My Files or Course Files storage). This is especially useful for students attempting to insert images in Discussions posts or Wiki Pages.
  • Teachers can mark favorite content in the Canvas Commons learning object repository, then find it again later in the Commons Favorites tab.
  • Two bugs that caused images in quiz questions from question banks to be lost after additional editing are fixed.
  • Due dates will implicitly use 59 seconds only if they occur in the 59th minute, otherwise they will use 00 seconds. So for due date 11:58, a submission at 11:58:01 is late, but for due date 11:59, a submission at 11:59:01 is on time.

Instructure also announced that screen readers will no longer be supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.  Click here to view the full Canvas release notes for November 17, 2018. The notes contain more details about these and other changes, a link to a screencast explaining some of the changes contained in the release, a comments section, and role-specific user summaries. You can join in the discussion if you log in to the Canvas Community.

A new release arrives every third Saturday. The notes are published 10 to 12 days before a release at

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash