Canvas Release Highlights for February 2023

The highlighted feature in February is part of the code deploy on Wednesday, February 15, 2023:

Canvas users will be able to copy and paste or drag and drop to add media (images, audio, videos, etc.) while composing pages, announcements, etc. in Canvas RCE (Rich Content Editor). The full February 15, 2023 deploy notes explain that users may

  • copy and paste images and other media from
    • web browser windows,
    • file system windows (mac Finder or Windows File Explorer), and
    • media viewing apps; or
  • drag and drop media from
    • web browser windows and
    • file system windows (mac Finder or Windows File Explorer).

Specific browsers’ settings may affect the function of these features.

Instructure has scheduled no new features for Canvas production release on Saturday, February 18, 2023.

Click here for the list of Canvas release notes. The full notes contain more details, links to screencasts, and feature Q&A discussions. You may log in to the Canvas Community to post.

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash