Canvas Release Highlights for March 2023

In this post, I highlight a feature from a Canvas Studio release in February and the Submit on Behalf of Student feature released in March (updated Tuesday, March 28).

The Canvas Studio team released new caption features on February 21, 2023.

  • Studio media owners can use a search box with find & replace functionality to correct captions.
  • Studio displays caption edits in real time.
  • The media now displays beside the caption editor so it’s visible while editing.
  • Studio caption editing also has a new Insert Line function, which media owners can use to make captions more accessible (recommended maximum line length is 32 characters).

Click here for Studio Release notes for February 21, 2023.
Click here for more information about Studio caption editing.

The March 18, 2023 Canvas release includes a feature to let teachers and teaching assistants submit file uploads to assignments on behalf of students. We evaluated this feature after its release and decided to enable it for teachers and TAs with the ability to edit grades. When someone submits files on behalf of students, Canvas displays the name of that person and the time they submitted it. Currently teachers and TAs can find the Submit for Student link by opening the Gradebook, clicking a cell, and clicking the grade detail tray icon to open details for the submission represented by the cell.

Click here for the list of Canvas release notes. The full notes contain more details, links to screencasts, and feature Q&A discussions. You may log in to the Canvas Community to post.

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash