Canvas Release Highlights for April 2023

In this post, I highlight features from the Canvas release on Saturday, April 15th, the code deploy on Wednesday, April 12th, and the Studio release on Monday, April 3rd.

Teachers and other graders can grade one question at a time on New Quizzes in SpeedGrader by clicking the Options (cog/gear) icon, checking the Grade by question box, and clicking Save settings.
Teachers can share New Quizzes Item Banks with the current course by checking a box when creating item banks.
Read the April 15, 2023 release notes for more information about these New Quizzes features.

Teachers and other graders have new options to sort by an assignment column’s excused submissions or unposted grades in Gradebook. See April 12, 2023 deploy notes for more information.

All users can download transcripts from captioned Canvas Studio media.
Teachers can set playback start time when adding YouTube and Vimeo videos to Canvas Studio.
Read about these features in April 3, 2023 Studio release notes.

Click here for the list of Canvas release notes. The full notes contain more details, links to screencasts, and feature Q&A discussions. You may log in to the Canvas Community to post.

Header photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash