ArcGIS access during COVID-19

Banner featuring ArcGIS and ECDS logos

With Emory’s move to remote work and classes during the coronavirus pandemic, there are still options for off-campus access to ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. Remember: this software is Windows-only.

  • Recent changes to our license agreement allow for installing the software on personal computers (for students, faculty, and staff) for academic and research use.
  • For faculty and staff with ArcGIS already installed on their on-campus desktop, you should be able to remotely connect to your desktop and continue using all installed software.
  • For Mac users who cannot remotely connect to a desktop, ArcGIS Pro can be run on a Mac by installing Bootcamp or Parallels.
    • QGIS – a free, open-source GIS software – runs on Windows or macOS and is another good option for Mac users.

Feel free to email me directly at megan [dot] slemons [at] emory [dot] edu to request software and licenses or to find the best approach for your situation.

This blog post has been included alongside other software resources for remote learning on the Emory LITS’ Student Digital Life website: “Software Availability” (Student Technology Support)