Debunking Holocaust Denial translated into Spanish and French

Holocaust Denial on Trial (HDOT) and the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) are pleased to announce that the Debunking Holocaust Denial feature has now been translated into Spanish and French.  With these translations, HDOT will provide resources to combat Holocaust denial to people across the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

HDOT began working with Argos Multilingual in June 2018, with the help of grants and gifts. The goal is to complete the publication of Russian, Farsi, Turkish, and Arabic translations by June 2019. This is the second major phase of the HDOT-ECDS partnership in renovating to improve the user’s experience and increase accessibility.

The release of the Spanish and French translations follows the publication of Antisemitism: Here and Now (Schoken Books, 2019), an important new book from Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, the founder of HDOT. Antisemitism: Here and Now analyzes virulent incarnations of antisemitism, including contemporary Holocaust denial in the United States and elsewhere. Dr. Lipstadt’s lifelong work—through teaching,, and writing—has constantly sought to make the general public aware of how Holocaust deniers distort the historical record and of the harm that such distortion causes.