ECDS introduces 2017-2018 digital scholarship fellows

Emory University doctoral candidates in psychology and political science are joining the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) as digital scholarship fellows for the 2017-2018 year.

ECDS offers fellowships annually in partnership with the Laney Graduate School. Fellows in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) (2 fellows—Data Services and Digital Humanities) support projects in digital scholarship, computer-based research, and electronic publishing such as the Emory Libraries and ECDS open access digital publications, born-digital multimedia projects, and digital archives.  ECDS Fellows collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of researchers, librarians, writers, and technologists; and they serve as project researchers, content administrators, editorial associates, and reviewers for the academic year.  Fellows learn about changing practices, platforms, and products of digital scholarship and gain training in project development, project management, developmental editing, online presentation and digital archiving.


Yeon Kyung (Grace) Park: Data Services Fellowship

Grace Park is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science. Her dissertation research focuses on state commitments and credibility and the interaction between domestic politics and inter-state dynamics. She explores conditions under which leaders pay domestic audience costs (i.e. face political punishments for backing down after publicly making foreign policy commitments).

The Data Services fellowship focuses mainly on providing consultations and support for students and faculty making use of such data for their research, such as helping them locate data or helping them clean data to make them usable.


Matthew Graci: ECDS Digital Humanities Fellowship

Matthew Graci is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Psychology at Emory. His research focuses on autobiographical memory with an emphasis on narrative, emotion-regulation, and stress and coping. His dissertation utilizes a range of research methods (e.g. qualitatively derived manual coding schemes, as well as machine learning and natural language processing tools) to examine how people adaptively story their personal experiences over time.

In his position as the ECDS Fellow in Digital Humanities, Matt is acting as an associate editor for Atlanta Studies helping manage all elements of digital publication, as well as drawing on his research methods as a consultant for other projects at ECDS.