ECDS launches new version of OpenTour Builder

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) is pleased to announce the launch of its updated web-based mobile application OpenTour Builder 3.  OpenTour Builder is an open source software platform for building geospatial tours that are optimized for mobile devices. The new version of OpenTour Builder, version 3, provides new functions making tours clear on laptops and desktops, but still optimized for mobile.

OpenTour provides an interface through which tours can be created using Google Maps native addresses and directions, paired with uploaded images and text, and linked videos from YouTube or Vimeo. For the tour users, this creates digital interactive tours with turn by turn directions and media content. Open Tour Builder can be downloaded and installed through GitHub by anyone. New OpenTour 3 allows Emory students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to apply for a tour site. Tour sites come with a unique subdomain and login, and do not require installation.  Applications for a tour site can be made to ECDS (Partner with Us).

The OpenTour platform currently hosts the Battle of Atlanta Tour App and was used to construct the new Cyclorama Sites tour, released with the launch of the restored of the Atlanta Cyclorama painting in the Atlanta History Center. Open Tour also hosts the Emory Campus History Tour. ECDS is partnering with Atlanta organizations including the Atlanta History Center and Georgia Humanities, so that these organizations can use Open Tour to create historical and cultural tours for the public.

Screenshot of Emory Campus History Tour created with OpenTour Builder
Screenshot of Emory Campus History Tour created with OpenTour Builder

The Freedom Park Conservancy, a nonprofit organization promoting the improvement and preservation of the park, supported the exhibition Dwelling in March and April of 2019.  “Dwelling was born from a seed of curiosity about the architectural remnants in Freedom Park. Abandoned stoops, foundations, and sidewalks invited us to reflect on the history of the park. These physical remains witnessed the condemnation of buildings, the seizure of property through eminent domain, and the demolition of over 600 structures to build the major freeways.” (“About Dwelling”) As a part of the exhibition, a Dwelling OpenTour was created that provides information and images about the different buildings outlined.

Screenshot of Freedom Park Conservancy's Dwelling OpenTour
Screenshot of Freedom Park Conservancy’s Dwelling OpenTour

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