Courtni Andrews


郑燮的这张山水画很漂亮、很安静。画里有很多竹子。 有的竹子是长的、有的竹子是短的。画中在竹子后面的背后像是一座山。画大半是黑色和咖啡色的。你可以看到一些汉字,虽然我看不懂,可是我觉得这张画很好。



This is a beautiful, peaceful Zheng Xie landscape painting. The painting has lots of bamboo. Some of the bamboo is tall; some of the bamboo is short. The painting seems to have a mountain in the background of the bamboo. The painting is mostly black and brown. You can see lots of Chinese characters (I don’t know what they mean), but I think the painting is very good.

Zheng Xie was born in 1693 in Jiangsu. Although his family was born, he became a scholar. However, he changed jobs, and became one of the Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou. His paintings are generally of bamboo, orchids and stones. I chose this painting because it gave me a very good impression. I love peaceful paintings.

As I walk, I can see lots of bamboo. I don’t know where I’m going, but I feel happy and peaceful. Today’s weather is very nice, the landscape is beautiful. I can see children playing in the bamboo. Some of the kids are climbing up the mountain, with smiling faces. As I walk past, I smile. Then finally, I see some familiar friends. I’m so happy to see my friends. I can start running or looking around with my friends.

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