Young Hyun Kim

《清明上河图》Riverside Scene at QingMing Festival




Zhang Zeduan’s “Riverside Scene at QingMing Festival” is one of the top 10 famous paintings in China. You have to watch the painting in detail because it illustrates a variety of lifestyles near the river. In the 24.8cm tall and 528cm wide painting, Zhan Zeduan expressed the spring in rural areas, busy riverports, and prosperous city streets. You can see an illustration of a river, historical architecture, and the lives of more than 500 people in this beautiful painting.

Zhang Zeduan was a famous painter of the Song Dynasty. He played an important role in the history of the Chinese landscape art style known as ‘shan shui’. I chose this painting because this is the only existing artwork of Zhang Zeduan. I think this painting is very special because it accurately demonstrates the natural elements and architectures, boats and bridges, market place and stores, people and scenery in history. It is also China’s national treasure, so it has been preserved in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

This perfect painting gave me a deep impression. When I look at the painting, I keep thinking different kinds of world exist in it. Everyone is busy doing different things. I am curious about this painting because I see different things every time I look at it. It gives me different feelings every time.

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