Jee Young Moon

郭熙的jee young moon早春图

       郭熙是一位有名的中国画家。他在北宋的时候在河南省出生。 他受到了良好的教育,发展了非常纤秀的画风。他给后来的画家留下了很深的影响。 他一般画山水风景,早春图是郭熙的代表作。现在早春图保留在台北故宫博物馆里。



 Guo Xi’s Early Spring

Guo Xi is a famous Chinese painter. He was born in Henan Province during the Northern Song Dynasty time. He received a good education, and developed a very delicate style. He greatly influenced future artists. He generally painted scenery with mountains and water, and Guo Xi’s Early Spring is his masterpiece. Early Spring is now kept in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Early Spring is a water and ink painting, so it is colorless. There are mountains and water on the map. Rock mountain, tall and mysterious, covers most of the area. Mountains are high that they are misty with clouds, clouds and mist give mysterious impression. Rock mountain has a round shape, and strange looking trees are here and there. Because it is early spring, the crooked trees are neither so scattered nor so lush. Lower part of the painting is water. On the right side is a man paddling water on the boat, on the left side are two people waiting for the boat. Brushwork is vey deep in the front, and very shallow in the back, so the painting expresses the distance very well.

I chose this painting because this painting called Early Spring, and nowadays it is early spring. Also, this painting is famous and beautiful. If I was inside the painting, I would praise the beautiful scenery on the boat with the person rowing the boat.

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