Jocelyn Vuong

“Travelers Among Mountain and Streams”

          jocelyn 这幅画的名字是“谿山行旅”。在宋代,范宽是一位中国山水画家。他本来跟李成学画,但是他觉得大自然是一个更好的老师。我选范宽是因为他对后来的画家有很大的影响。范宽以后,很多画家都以他的画为典范。范宽孑然一身很少人知道他的生活是什么样的,他喜欢在山上住。

我觉得他的画很漂亮,因为“谿山行旅”给我一个留下很深的印象。“谿山行旅”画让人想起来的生活比大自然小。另外画里的人大小比山小很多, 我们的生活比大自然也短很多。这张画很有特色的地方是看起来很舒服。山上有很多树还有很多石头,很大,很壮观。画里有山,有水,有树,有一个寺庙,有很多细节。这张画很清新。 我觉得范宽一是很用心地画这张画。他用书法的形式来画“谿山行旅”。你可以看到很多小小的类似雨点的笔法。现在,范宽的“谿山行旅”在台北的博物院。

This painting is called Travelers Among Mountain and Streams. During the Song Dynasty, Fan Kuan was a Chinese landscape painter. Originally, he followed Li Cheng, but he eventually changed to a better teacher: the Nature. I chose Fan Kuan, because he gave the art a big impression. After Fan Kuan, every artist used his painting as the model for art. Because he was a solitary person, very few people knew what his life was like. He liked to live in the mountains.

I think Fan Kuan’s painting is very pretty, because Travelers Among Mountain and Streams gave me a really deep impression. The painting depicts that humans are really small compared to nature. In addition to the size being very different, human life compared to nature is very short. The most distinct characteristic of this painting is that it is detailed to look at. The mountain has a lot of trees and the rocks are large and magnificent. The painting have mountain, water, trees, a temple, and common folks. It is very refreshing. I think that Fan Kuan must have used a lot of heart to draw this painting. He used calligraphy such that you can see small pen marks that looks like rain drops. Right now, Fan Kuan’s Travelers Among Mountain and Streams is located in Taipei’s museum.


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