Celeste Leonard

Luxuriant Forest Among Distant Peaks





This painting is called “Luxuriant Forest Among Distant Peaks”. The artist painted it using black ink. He added water to the black ink so the black ink looked grey. He painted on silk. This painting has mountains and trees. In front of the mountains there are bridges, houses, and other manmade buildings. When the artist painted the mountains and trees that were far away, he used ink with water added to it. The far mountains appear softer than the closer mountains.

The artist of this painting is very famous. His name is Li Cheng. He was born in 917 A.D. in Qingzhou, China. To the southwest of the city there are very pretty mountains and forests. He lived in the period of the Five Dynasties and during the Song Dynasty. He is very famous because he always used ink with water added, so his paintings looked misty. He often painted scenery from Shandong. When he was alive, people considered him the best painter of scenic landscapes.

If I were a painter I would paint this painting in the same way he did because I think by having natural and man made things together in the painting it shows that humans an nature can coexist. This painting looks like a dream or a misty day. After you look at it, you will feel at peace. Generally speaking it is a very beautiful painting.