Mijin Kim



我选择了叫《千里河山》的绘画。这幅画是最有名的古典中国画之一。这幅画很长, 有36英尺长。这幅画描绘了山河的雄伟景色,特别是山区的无数山峰。这画画也描绘了在河旁边的村庄和山间高崖的飞瀑。并且这幅画也描绘了天空中的风和通向庙宇的路。画家在画里用了蓝、绿和金色。




I chose the painting called “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains.” The painting is the most famous classical Chinese painting. The painting is very long. It is 36 feet long. The painting depicts the majestic views of mountains and rivers, especially the villages on the side of the river and the mountain cliff waterfalls. The painting also depicts the wind in the sky and pathway leading to the temple. The painter uses blue, green, golden colors.

Wang Ximeng is one of the most famous Chinese painters in Song Dynasty. In 1113, he painted thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, when he was eighteen years old. I chose “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” because Wang Ximeng’s paintings left me with the deepest impression. I love beautiful scenery that he depicted in the painting. If I am at the place in the painting, I would like to take many pictures.

At first glance, the painting just depicts beautiful landscapes of China. Wang Ximeng depicts China as a prosperous and powerful country. His use of gold color emphasizes wealth and royalty. However, taking into account the historical background of the painting, the painting is actually a lament former glory of China. Therefore, Wang Ximeng’s painting gave me the feeling of both beauty and lament.