Ryan Gorman

The Colors of Mount Taihang



太行山在山西省,河南省和河北省交界处。对我来说,这张画很有意思,画上有很多山。这张画很长,差不多一张桌子的那么长。 这些山又大又险峻。看得出来,爬这些山很危险。但是没想到在这座山和那座山之间有一个小村。虽然山看起来又大又危险,但小村又安全又安静。



After surfing the Internet, I found a beautiful Chinese painting. This painting is called “The Colors of Mount Taihang.” During the Qing Dynasty, China had many famous painters. Many painters often painted “Mountain Water” paintings. Take Wang Hui for example, he often painted many large mountains, many beautiful rivers. In 1669, Wang Hui painted “The Colors of Mount Taihang.”

The Taihang Mountains are in the Shanxi, Henan and Hebei provinces. As far as I’m concerned, this painting is very interesting, having many mountains. This painting is very long, about as long as a table. Many of the mountains are large and steep. You can see that climbing the mountains would be very dangerous. But, I wouldn’t expect to see between the mountains a small village. Although it looks like the mountains are large and steep, the village looks quiet and peaceful.

This is why I like this painting by Wang Hui so much. This painting gave a very deep impression on me. In addition to danger and peace, there are many opposites in our lives. For example quiet and loudness, ease and difficulty. If today you are sad, tomorrow you may be happy. I think that Wang Hui understood this.