Soomin Kang



This beautiful piece of classical Chinese landscape painting is by Shen Hengji. In this painting, I see a small boat floating in the water, with two people on the boat. Behind the river are mountains, which are very high and very detailed. On the other side of the river there is a cliff, and on the cliff is a pine tree. The primary colors used in this painting are green, gray, and brown, which are all colors of nature.

Shen Hengji’s poetry and paintings gained fame in Wuzhong City, and thus, he came to be   acknowledged as “the pioneer of Wu School”. I chose this picture by Shen Hengji because I like the   peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of this picture. I feel that the painter, Shen, places great importance on the harmony between nature and human. I think many modern people, including myself, frequently forget the beauty of nature, but this piece of classical Chinese painting makes me want to experience the freedom in nature. I can imagine: I am the only one on the wide river, and surrounding me are the deep water, many trees, and green mountains. All I can hear is the sound of the wind. My worries and stress disappears within the thin mist.