Strengths-based Leadership: Creating Workplaces that Work, 10/23

Strengths-based Leadership: Creating Workplaces that Work, 10/23

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This is an in-person workshop in Sebring, FL.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Vibrant workplace culture helps retain staff and improve productivity, while toxic culture does the opposite.

Leaders shape both the direction of their organizations and also shape the culture. Successful leaders are self-aware and recognize their roles in shaping culture. They can identify strengths in themselves and others,
articulate their values, and know how to leverage both to build a productive culture. This workshop uses Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment to help emerging and established public health leaders navigate the path of building positive workplace culture through understanding their strengths and values.

Prior to the workshop, all participants will take the CliftonStrengths assessment and receive descriptions of their top five strengths. These results will be discussed in depth during the workshop through the lens of leadership and creating workplace culture. This workshop also includes a deep dive on personal workplace values and use of the Team Strengths Grid, which helps to visualize the collective strengths for teams of all sizes. The workshop will be highly interactive and participatory and will provide avenues to help participants bring CliftonStrengths back to their own teams.

Please note: Participants are required to complete a 35-45 minute online StrengthsFinder test before attending this workshop. Detailed instructions will be provided via email two weeks prior to the class.

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