Generational Differences

Generational Differences

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This week on PROspective, we’re talking about generational differences and how they play out in the workplace. If you recently started a REAL job, maybe this will help you understand your manager and their expectations. If you are an alum, this might help you coach your REAL student or recent hire. 

BUT – what you might not realize, is that this discussion isn’t just about their generation – it’s also about your own generation


“Nosce te ipsum” – Know Thyself


This maxim was popularized by the ancient Greek philosophers, who carved it into the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. An important, but often overlooked empathic exercise – pointed toward yourself instead of at others. 

This infographic from King University online breaks down the major differences between Millennials and GenX’s in the workplace – what they value, how they work, and what they expect. As you read through the graphic, take a beat to think about how this applies to you just as much as how it applies to others. Understanding your own motivations, expectations, and values – and how they may be perceived by others – might help you navigate a workplace with a collection of different worldviews

Also worth noting – generalizations about people of different age groups are just that – general, and almost certainly don’t represent every individual in a group. Keep in mind that these categories are loosely defined and individual characteristics will always vary.

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