Experimental Ethnography @ Emory is a working group of students and faculty at Emory University, committed to producing knowledge in experimental & hybrid forms at the intersection of social science, humanities, arts, and public scholarship. 

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Experimental Ethnography Online Exhibition

Click here for Exhibit program & links to each project  Featuring the original work of 20 Undergraduate Researchers   ANT 385W […]

Black Ecologies

A conversation between Dr. Justin Hosbey, assistant professor of Anthropology and co-founder of the Black Ecologies Initiative through the Institute […]

A black-and-white photo of around 70 people climbing up the grassy hill onto the interstate during the protests against the police killing of Rayshard Brooks

Event: Picturing an Uprising, 10/9 (Registration Required)

What is at stake when documenting state violence and political resistance? How do aesthetics bear on political practice, and what role do different forms of media play?

The Puck Project: A Shakespeare Performance and Ethics Program for Kids

A couple summers ago, I joined with two other PhD students in developing a performance-based learning program for kids named […]

Unexpectedly Polluted, by Mikail Albritton

  image by Markus Spiske (Pexels) Unexpectedly Polluted A Short Ethnographic Reflection on Life during COVID-19 by Mikail Albritton (Emory University, […]

Hair Monologues, by Agastya Vaidya

  image by http://myhdhair.com Hair Monologues One Prompt; Three Reflections by Agastya Vaidya (Emory University, C’22) Introduction:I asked three individuals […]

Oh How Routines Have Changed, by Lauren Flamenbaum

  Image by Ivy Dawned (Creative Commons) Oh How Routines Have Changed A Short Ethnographic Piece Inspired by Horace Miner […]

“of the body that carries it” by EEE-member Sasha Tycko, 7/18

An audiovisual piece by EEE-member Sasha Tycko (as one-half of the artist duo sacha) will be live-streamed at the virtual […]

Mixtape Scholarship

A conversation with Dr. Kwame Phillips, co-author of “The People Who Keep on Going”: A Listening Party, Vol. I.   […]

Silent, by Joy Min

image by Yuri Samoilov (creative commons) Silent A Short Ethnographic Theater Piece on Life during COVID-19 by Joy Min (Emory […]