Experimental Ethnography @ Emory is a working group of students and faculty at Emory University, committed to producing knowledge in experimental & hybrid forms at the intersection of social science, humanities, arts, and public scholarship. 

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Experimental Ethnography Online Exhibition

Click here for Exhibit program & links to each project  Featuring the original work of 20 Undergraduate Researchers   ANT 385W […]

Black Ecologies

A conversation between Dr. Justin Hosbey, assistant professor of Anthropology and co-founder of the Black Ecologies Initiative through the Institute […]

A black-and-white photo of around 70 people climbing up the grassy hill onto the interstate during the protests against the police killing of Rayshard Brooks

Event: Picturing an Uprising, 10/9 (Registration Required)

What is at stake when documenting state violence and political resistance? How do aesthetics bear on political practice, and what role do different forms of media play?

[EVENT CANCELLED] Autoethnography + Fiction with Miriam Kilimo

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Miriam Kilimo’s talk on Autoethnography & Fiction will be rescheduled for a date yet to be […]

The Puck Project: A Shakespeare Performance and Ethics Program for Kids

A couple summers ago, I joined with two other PhD students in developing a performance-based learning program for kids named […]

“of the body that carries it” by EEE-member Sasha Tycko, 7/18

An audiovisual piece by EEE-member Sasha Tycko (as one-half of the artist duo sacha) will be live-streamed at the virtual […]

Mixtape Scholarship

A conversation with Dr. Kwame Phillips, co-author of “The People Who Keep on Going”: A Listening Party, Vol. I.   […]