Euromonitor Passport: Expanded Access to Global Consumer, Industry and Economic Analysis and Data

Over the summer, the Goizueta Business Library expanded content access on Euromonitor’s Passport database.  Euromonitor, a global market research firm, combines global expertise with local insights from analysts for over 100 countries around the world, it helps corporate clients anticipate industry, economic, and consumer trends and figure out how to best navigate and lead disruptive change. With a methodology based on data science and on-the-ground research, it provides context to strategic and tactical data, addressing real world business challenges and identifying opportunities.

If you need to understand consumer industries, trends and lifestyles, global and country-specific economic business dynamics and operating environments, retail and e-commerce channels, sustainability, supply chains, and more – turn to Passport.

Following are some tips for getting the most out of Passport:

  • Using the ribbon at the top of the page, browse the content
    • For example, clicking on Industries displays the consumer sectors covered by Passport
    • Click on a sector to drill down to the discreet niches (e.g. Drinks>Alcoholic Drinks / Hot Drinks / Soft Drinks)
    • Explore Analysis – Use to filter by sector, geography, report type
    • Orange boxes on the right – most reports are updated once a year; the orange boxes quickly link you to the most updated content
  • Keyword searching
    • Keep searches simple, 1-3 words
    • Use the search box to locate content on topics, such as
      • artificial intelligence
      • innovation
      • disruption
      • supply chain
      • pest (displays Country political, economic, social and technological analysis
      • sustainability
      • coca cola local / coca cola global (displays local and global company profiles)
  • Help Guides and Videos
    • click on this link on the upper right of the page for useful information, including:
      • Videos
      • Handouts
      • Methodologies
      • Definitions
      • Glossary Terms
      • Calculations
  • Update Schedule
    • Click on this link on the upper right of the page for the schedule of industry content updates