IBISWorld Global Industry Reports: Now Available via EMIS Database

EMIS, one of our best databases for market research reports, as recently added IBISWorld Global Industry Reports to its collection of vendors. IBISWorld’s U.S. reports are not included in EMIS.

Follow these search steps to locate an IBISWorld report.


  1. Searching for an IBISWorld report for a specific industry
    • Enter search in the search box, upper right corner of EMIS dashboard
    • Once results are displayed, use filters on the left
      • Categories – click Reports
      • Region/Countries – click Global Coverage
      • Sources – Search IBISWorld, click box
    • If you don’t find a report, consider that it might be because your search is too narrow or doesn’t fit IBISWorld’s keywords
      • Consider searching for your industry using broader industry keywords
  2. Browsing/searching across all IBISWorld reports
        • Click the EMIS Intelligence logo in upper left corner
        • Sources box – click Global Industry Research
        • Scroll down and click IBISWorld
        • Browse the list of all global reports, or
        • keyword search – suggest keeping searches simple, high level, or
        • Use the Industries pull-down menu to select one or more industries
        • NOTE: If you get 0 returned reports, why?
          • IBISWorld has not written a report on your industry
          • Your keywords are just not matching
            • broaden your keywords/industry descriptor
            • browse all of the reports to find aligned reports