Search GoinGlobal to identify firms who have sponsored H1Bs

GoinGlobal enables you to search for companies that have applied to sponsor H1B visas in the last 10+ years based on data from the US Department of Labor, and download up to 200 firms from your search.  It also provides career guides for countries and cities you may be considering.

GoinGlobal also includes the wage rate provided as part of the H1B application process, which can be helpful in salary negotiation and compensation discussions.

To search GoinGlobal, select the H1B/OPT tab at the top the page. You can then filter by company name and location. Companies often have  H1Bs listed under many different versions of their name, so consider starting your search using only the main part of the company name, and excluding ‘LLC, Ltd, Inc, etc., as these may be abbreviated or spelled out different ways.

When viewing your results, pay attention to the occupation and job title. This can provide insights as to types of roles the firm may sponsor for H1B visas.