WSJ for 2024 Grads

If you’re graduating this spring, be sure that you’ve activated your Wall Street Journal / student account. Your student access will continue until 90 days post the graduation.

If you wish to continue your WSJ access post graduation, keep your eyes open for an email from WSJ offering the WSJ Grad Pack, available when your student access expires. Their Grad Pack offer will include a discounted rate for two years post graduation, covering both their digital and bundled options. The current offer will be $2/mo for the first 12 months, $4/mo for next 12 months (meaning 2nd year), $24.99/mo for the next following 5 years, this would be 7 years total of a discounted rate.

 Do you also read the New York Times? As a 2024 grad, you also have discounted access to the NYT.