Worn Wear: The Remarkable Rise of Patagonia (1965-2019)

Image of Worn Wear Advertising Material

Patagonia is known as the sustainable company. From its inception in 1973 with the entrepreneurial spirit of expert climber Yvon Chouinard, to the numerous environmentally beneficial campaigns led by the company to this date, Patagonia has been a leader for profitable companies who remain environmentally conscious. Patagonia’s rise as a company is most prominent in the Worn Wear Campaign. This campaign followed the company’s predecessor campaign Don’t Buy this Jacket and demonstrated a genuine care for sustainability. Additionally, the Worn Wear campaign improved on the Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign through addressing the issues posed by critics on the authenticity of the previous campaign. Patagonia’s Worn Wear campaign is a sustainability campaign that showcases pride in the company’s assets and incentivizes consumers to remain frugal when it comes to outdoor apparel. The campaign showed a massive level of company involvement, leading to measurable changes in clothing sustainability. While many environmentally friendly campaigns have been implemented by the company before and after, the Worn Wear campaign truly cemented Patagonia as the profitable, yet sustainable company.



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