Podcast: Park City: From Mines to Slopes, 1960’s – 2023

Unloading Park City’s “Skier Subway” ca. 1965-1969
Park City Museum, Pop Jenks Collection – Reproduced with permission from Dalton Gackle

As tourism continues to boom in Utah and the western states, “America’s Ski Town” has attracted millions of skiers yearly. Yet the resort wasn’t always like this. This ski town was once home to one of the biggest mining industries in the world. As the industry lost value, a shift of focus toward tourism led to the ski town we know and love today. The Utah Government, along with Park City as a town, established various efforts to boost tourism for the ski industry and outdoor recreation in general for the state. According to Liftopia, Park City Resort is the biggest ski resort in the US after acquiring Canyons. Park City has embraced the mining history while developing the resort. For example, as you ski the mountain, you can still see structures from the mines connecting you to the past. The mining history of Park City remains an integral part of shaping the resort and its continued success.

View of Park City ca. January 2023 (photo by author)


I want to thank my family, classmates, Dalton Gackle, Park City Museum, and especially Dr. Miller in helping me pursue this project. I also want to thank “Seth_Makes_Sounds”, “zagi2”, and “Humanoisemaker” on freesound.org for their sounds used in this podcast.


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