Hoaxes and Literature

Literally speaking, a hoax is a deception upon the general public in their dispense.  Perhaps it’s the innate “evil” in humans to lie and deceive for the own personal gain, that has made it so that hoaxes have always been around. Not only that, but hoaxes provide a sense of hope, awe, and astonishment with the revelation of something that was once believed to have been nonexistent or impossible. The Greeks knew how dangerous curiosity can be and hoaxes have become our Pandora’s Box that fuels our curiosity and constantly provides hope for our wildest imaginations.

Over the course of years,  different pieces of literature and deception, hoaxes have now established a different connotation, in that they have now become a part of our culture. People are constantly seeking to achieve the impossible and with this day in age the seemingly impossible is being brought into our actual physical world more often. Hoaxes, either seen through literature or media, have established a key role in our lives as the center for popular and every day discussion. Hoaxes have made their way into literature as they are what fascinates readers and has them returning for more.

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