Ghost City

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Park City, Utah is one of my favorite places in the world due to the incredible ski conditions and the close friends that my family has there. One part of the city that has always stood out to me though is the immense forests which surround the slopes and number of skiers who go out alone. Forests are key settings for many horror films, and so it could be believable in the eyes of some to see a ghost hidden in the trees. This seemed easy at first, but after finding the images, I had to teach myself to use photoshop which was no easy task. The online videos did not help and I had a lot of trouble trying to cut the image of a ghost and drag it into a new layer of the picture. After finally learning to use the eraser and layer tools together, I realized the main issue was finding a ghost photo that actually came close to blending in with the background. This could be convincing now, because the ghost does look mildly similar in color to the background and remains unnoticed by the children who should be the most affected. Since ghosts aren’t usually seen until after the fact, when looking at photos at home, this could be a typical ghost photo that believers are fearful of.

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