There’s apparently an endangered tree-dwelling octopus living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The tree octopus resides in Washington’s state parks. Its appetite is fairly normal, consisting of frogs and rodents, which could potentially convince some people that this was true. The part of the hoax which is overwhelmingly falsified and unbelievable in my opinion though is that it’s main predator is the Sasquash. For believers though, there is plenty of information and sources to reference, as the author is notorious for providing adequate site listings and websites for readers to delve into. There are wiki pages, videos, photos, fact pages, and “help save the tree octopus” organizations to refer to for curious and non-believing viewers. Those who have “seen” the elusive tree octopus could personally account for the creature’s behavior in interviews, which is why the autdiotry format would suit this hoax so well. Interviews with prestigious scientists and experts in fieldsĀ attributed to the success of “War of the Worlds”, so would definitely be helpful to the audience believing this story. Also, by using specific parks and sites where the octopus has been located, it would provide a sort of “prove-me-wrong” tone from the author, me. Finally, there could be references made to the video regarding the sounds that the octopus makes and by being able to explain and reflect on these sounds, I can fully utilize the audio medium.tree_octopus

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    This is awesome, Lauri. I love the hatching video. I think you’re right that this topic will give you lots of opportunities for soundbites and expert interviews.

    I know that because of its this particular hoax is used a lot to suggest “kids these days will believe anything on the internet” So if you decided that you wanted to frame your mockumentary style podcast with a dimension of analysis, you could really easily pull in a “bigger picture” here and report on yet another layer of the hoax–how it is employed in the real world.

    Love the pictures and all the links–but don’t forget to give your posts a title!

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